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Hubwellbeing™ - Electric scraping massager

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Cupping Scraping Massager!

This massage equipment can be used for cupping, hot packs, and scraping, which aids lymphatic purification and blood circulation, as well as the elimination of toxins through lymphatic circulation and scraping. Inflammation, edema, and discomfort are all reduced with magnetic wave therapy.

It achieves the effect of gua sha and cupping in one by activating the continuous heat of the skin and relaxing the muscles of the body through thermal action.

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Why Do You Need It?

✓IMPROVE YOUR BODY CONDITION: Adjust the instrument's heat energy and suction according to the user's needs.

✓VACUUM POINT MASSAGE: Through vacuum point massage the skin surface to produce petechiae, you are relieved from pain and enable your body to detoxify itself at the same time.

✓HOT COMPRESS EFFECT: Through the heat effect, it makes the collagen of the dermis proliferate and continuously calorie, so that the muscle is relaxed and the pressure is released.

✓MAGNETIC WAVE PHYSIOTHERAPY: Effectively eliminate fatigue, improve vanish of the inflammation and decrease swelling and pain, etc. 

✓MULTIPLE DEEP KNEADING: Multiple massager nodes will knead together and relieve pain, knot and muscle tension, like the hands of a real masseuse. 


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